06/30/13 – Lucas Oil 150 at Petty Raceway

06/30/13 – Lucas Oil 150 at Petty Raceway

When I left Halifax at 10AM on Sunday morning to drive to Petticodiac, I thought the Maritime Pro Stock Organizers were certifiably nuts. It was raining buckets as I packed my gear and truck, fully expecting to get a call part way there to say the race was cancelled. But lo and behold, once I crossed into NB the clouds broke up, the pavement dried and eventually even this mysterious round orb in the sky appeared. 🙂

It’s been raining in Halifax now for nearly 5 straight days and I cannot tell you how excited I was to get back to the track and see some racing action. Unfortunately, I left my sunscreen at home and I am paying for that today, let me tell you…

Although this is officially my second trip to Petty International Raceway – last time the racing was called due to thunderstorms during the driver’s meeting and rainfall so hard that I had to pull over to the side of the highway on my way back to Moncton because I couldn’t see the road. See a theme starting to form here? – I was my first time to actually get infield and photograph the racing action. I have to say, I love the track and the accessibility. You’ll notice from some of the images you’ll find in the galleries that I was nearly climbing the light standards in the corners and the view was incredible. I brought home some of my favorite images so far this season from Petty and I look forward to going back a couple more times this year.

My only suggestion to the track owners…. Please have a porta potty on the infield! 🙂 Once I cross the track, that’s in until the end and with 28 degrees, and sunshine, I had to pound back three bottles of sport drink to keep hydrated and… well.. After nearly 4-1/2 hours of on-track racing it was a mad dash to the restroom after the on-track activity. LOL!

The Bandoleros seemed faster than I am used to at this track and were a lot of fun to watch. There were two features for the Leisure Days RV Twin 25s and congrats to Cory Hall on his win in the first race and Drew Greenlaw for the win in the second race! Nice drifting as well Drew. You’d almost think you had that planned. 😉

Congrats to Jordan Smith for his definitive win in the Mister Transmission Mini Stock class as well. Great race with lots of action too!

And finally, a big high 5 and congrats to Dylan Gosbee for pulling his first ever Maritime Pro Stock win out of the hat with his Wendell Taylor’s Garage/Hillside Chevrolet on the last lap of the Lucas Oil 150 passing Shawn Tucker’s Rockico Equipment # 52 Chev in the final turns to win by only 0.144 seconds. Great job!

Next week we are off to Speedway 660 in Geary, NB near Fredericton. Lets hope this weather holds and we get another round of MPST racing under our belts.

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See you at the track!