May 2012

Scotia Speedworld - Weekly Series Season Opener
May 31, 2012

And since Matt Jacques was still away travelling on vacation in Europe, I had the distinct pleasure of the weekly series of racing at SSW. 🙂

Expecting a total of about 150 laps of racing action, imagine my surprise as virtually every single class of racing from Bandoleros, Legends, Sportsman, Lightning and Thunder, all exhibited some of the most awesome beating and banging I’ve seen at the track in a long time.

The action was incredible as the Sportsman Series and Lighting Series both ended up with record numbers of cautions and yellow flag laps. In the lighting feature race I even wondered to one of the officials if there would even be three cars left to take the trophies home. 😉

I wish Matt was staying away longer but, alas, he will return for the next round.

Hopefully I’ll catch up with all the racers again before too long.

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right here.

Parts For Trucks - 2012 Season Opener At Scotia Speedworld
May 31, 2012

Lets go racing boys! 😀

Sunday afternoon, May 20th… Beautiful sunny afternoon… The roar of the crowd…

The growl of the engines… The smell of gas and rubber!!!

And the 2012 Pro Stock and Legend Series racing at Scotia Speedworld was under way!

I’ll be back this year as a part time official photographer for the track and series filling in for my buddy Matt Jacques when he’s off touring through Europe at the 24 Hour race at Nürburgring in Germany and pretty much any other reason he needs me to shoot the stock cars this year and it was awesome to be back. 🙂

There was lots of action and it certainly looked like the Legends Series racers were up for the action as there was plenty of tradin’ paint happening on track.

The Pro Stock racers took things a little more calm although there was certainly no shortage of hard racing.

You can always find the latest points and winners at the Maritime Pro Stock Home Page.

Watch for some fantastic racing and good old fashion entertainment at Scotia Speedworld all summer long.

Check out nearly 1000 photos in the all new gallery found right here.

2012 ARL Round 2 Galleries On-Line!
May 21, 2012

Well, let me start by saying how much I missed the racing and the riders while I was away last year.

Also, let me say after being away for nearly a full year, that when I showed up and started shooting, I sucked. Badly. 🙁

It didn’t take too long to come back but the first few frames were as bad as some I took my very first time at the track a little over 7 years ago. I’m glad those pics aren’t on-line anymore. LOL!

Still, out of nearly 2000 photos, only about 400 came close to my usual standards although far less than that were what I would call exhibition quality. Round 2, please let me redeem myself. 😉

You can find the gallery right here.

Hope you enjoy them!

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