July 2012

Andrea Returns for an Outdoor Waterfall Shoot
July 30, 2012

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I’ve been shooting a lot lately with Andrea for a few reasons.

1. She’s a joy to work with

2. She’s a very talented model

3. Well, lets face it, she gets my work noticed. 😉

Andrea approached me about shooting somewhere outdoors so she could get a nice sunset portrait and when I suggested a small cascading waterfall just outside of Halifax she jumped at the chance.

Andrea - Sunset PortraitAssisted by Andrew Crawford and my own lovely wife Cherie, we packed the car and headed to Sambro. There is a little known swimming hole a little bit past the entrance to Crystal Crescent beach and Provincial Park that I recently discovered and have been wanting to shoot, so it seemed like the perfect location.

When we arrived and trekked along the path into the forest it wasn’t long before we arrived at the first of three locations I wanted to try out.

The water was flowing well from the heavy rain from the day before so although I was a little concerned that it would make things particularly slippery and difficult, both Andrea and Andrew assured me that they were ready to get wet. 🙂

As Andrea got into position, Andrew was busy climbing the rocks with a large reflector to try to capture the remaining sun as it set behind the tree tops. Although there was lots of warm natural light for the shoot, the sun was quickly setting behind the trees and the golden hour looked like it might pass us by…Andrea - Waterfall # 2

Andrea was a trooper and although the water was about as warm as it gets here in Halifax in the summer, a river never seems to really be all that warm. Although she never complained, we breezed through this whole set in under 45 minutes before wrapping Andrea in towels and moving off to our second and as it turned out, final location of the evening after capturing the golden sun lit portrait that she had been looking to get from the shoot.

Andrea - Waterfall # 3At the second and final location of the evening, we tried a couple of action shoots with water flying from her hair as well as water cascading over her face as she sprang up out of the water. These proved to be very challenging shots for both of us, but the final results were worth it.

Can’t wait to visit this location again and thanks to Andrea, Andrew and Cherie for all their assistance in making these images come to life.

Weekly Racing Series at Scotia Speedworld - 07/20/2012
July 30, 2012

It was nice to be back at Scotia. There is so much comraderie at the track never mind the fierce competition once the green flag waves. 🙂

The Hydraulics Plus Bandoleros endures a gruelling 15 lap race where almost half the field didn’t finish due to crashes. Cole Boudreau triumphed and brought home the checkers after a long delay to clean up the multi car wreck on the track between turn 3 and 4.

The Jack Daniels Trucks made it through a very tightly contested 20 lap feature where Vernon Brown edging out Jason Fenton for his second win of the season.

The first 50 lap feature of the evening featuring the ACE Lumbermart Lightning cars was won by 2011 division champion Jorden Smith in his #144 Rent a Centre Neon to extend his point lead in the 2012 championship.

The final race of the evening was a nail biter down to the last lap in the second 50 lap feature of the night. The ACE Lumbermart Thunder cars featured a very close battle between Andrew Cluett and Kyle MacMillan. Eventually MacMillan prevailed and brought home the checkers in an exciting finish.

Ready for the Green!

You can see the full gallery featuring over 650 photos by clicking right here…

Curtis Customs Bonus Shoot - Bryana Doyscher
July 2, 2012

As we were shooting the new billboard for Curtis, he was busy chatting with our Make-up Artist, Bryana, as Curtis often does. 🙂

Now, although Bryana is an MUA today, she is an accomplished model and has been featured in both my 2010 and 2011 ARL motorcycle calendars plus many other works by other photographers. However, she has taken almost 2 years off modelling and is not looking to get back into the business, at least not full time.

Well, Curtis managed to talk her into getting a few images done with his custom Plunger Tail Harley before we wrapped the entire shoot with the 53 Chev and started putting away lights and other gear.

Let me tell you, that Bryana may have added some new talent behind the scenes, but her talent in front of the camera showed no signs of be rusty at all.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to meet Bryana at the 3rd Annual Car Show and Dream Cruise in late July at Scotia Speedworld. See Curtis’ web site for more details.

Here are a couple of samples from the mini-shoot with Bryana.


Curtis Customs Billboard Shoot
July 2, 2012

A little project I’ve been working on with Curtis for a little while now was a concept to replace the current giant Nova Scotia license plate you see along the side of the 102 Highway just at Exit 8 in front of Curtis’ shop.

Everyone seems to love the billboard, but Curtis has decided to update the sign with a fresh image of one of his favourite car builds to have passed through the shop since he opened nearly 4 years ago. The 1953 Chev. 🙂

Curtis originally customized this classic a few years ago and you may recall there was a photo shoot and gallery done at the time featuring another of my favourite models, Wendy. Again, this gallery could be considered NSFW, so don’t go there if your boss is watching. 😉

This time around, the 53 Chev has been reworked a little more after being involved in an accident in Halifax last fall that destroyed the front end. This time, Curtis has added a custom sun shade on the outside of the window and a new front skirt under the original grille that managed to be completely salvaged and restored.

Curtis’ concept for the billboard shoot was to feature the car in all it’s glory and to add a model in a Marilyn Munroe style dress in the classic wind in the skirt look as seen in the movie. Ashley Campbell was our model for the shoot and with an assistant expertly aiming our hidden fan, the look turned out exactly as envisioned.

Curtis Customs Latest Shoot - Andrea
July 2, 2012

Curtis has been at it again. 🙂

He keeps churning out some of the hottest custom hot rods to be seen in this part of the world and I’m thrilled to be able to photograph them and share the results with you here.

This time around, Curtis has expanded his custom offering and now has his own paint booth and body shop as well as a new boutique business of car audio. So he’s expanded beyond only doing the design, metal work and interiors to offering a full custom service from the ground up.

The first paint through the shop was on a custom Harley bike owned by Chris – who spends his time offshore on an oil rig. Curtis brought the locally renowned “Kermit” out of retirement to do the paint on this job and Kermit has committed to spending the next 2 years working through Curtis’ shop exclusively. So much for retirement… 😉

The shoot features one of my favorite models, Andrea. You may recall Andrea as the recently body painted Borg character from a recent gallery posting. Remember.. This gallery should be considered Not Safe For Work.

Andrea turned it on for this shoot and the result was some of the hottest images from the shop to date.

Hope you like them. 🙂

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