January 2013

Everything to do with Sex Show - Day 3
January 28, 2013

I have to say that I actually regret waiting until the 5th year to attend this incredibly entertaining show.

I made some new friends and re-acquainted with a few older ones I haven’t kept up with. I learned some new things and saw a few things that I can now never un-see. 😉

The entertainers at the show were incredible talents. I met Roxy D’Lite, Mimi Cherry, Tera Patrick, Uncle D and many others.

If you couldn’t quite find the time to attend the show this year, make sure you plan the time for next year as the planning is already underway. Thanks to all those who were involved in the organization of the show for your hospitality and hard work. And a special thanks to the ladies who pulled off the incredible latex and lace fashion show twice a day for three days. I can;t imagine strutting my stuff on stage in the tiniest of outfits never mind changing 4 or 5 times in 15 minutes to pull off a *flawless* performance every time. Fallon, you did an awesome job putting this together. Can’t wait for next year’s show.

Hope to see you there! 😉

Everything to do with Sex - Day 2
January 27, 2013

I spent a little more time wandering around the show floor and took in a few more of the stage shows on Saturday, including the evening finale runway fashion show, Mimi Cherry’s burlesque show and even the Assassin, who for some reason seemed quite popular with the ladies in attendance. 😉

I managed to learn a lot during the Friday evening performance and found a few better places to be to secure a better photography vantage point during the shows.

What I didn’t count on during one of the performances was that David MacNeil, the male performer from North Sydney, would be love the camera so much and my wife laughed her butt off at me every time he came to my side of the stage  and wanted to perform just for me. :O

We sat through a couple of seminars by Dr. Jess and Cherie told me she learned more about anatomy in these sessions than in her CCA course.

If you haven’t gotten out to the show yet, you really need to drop by for a few hours. It’s entertaining and who knows, you might just learn something too!

Halifax Everything to do With Sex Show - Day 1
January 26, 2013

I had heard some pretty cool things about this show in previous years, but since I’ve always had something else going on, I never was able to attend.

This year, thanks to a little advance planning, and a little birdie (Thanks Wendy!) I made it a point to be available to attend and see if the stories were true.

I gotta say, they weren’t. The show is bigger and better than any previous year with some of the coolest talent in the industry making guest appearances.
It also surprised me to realize that fully 75% of the models in the show are already friends and the other 25% are well on their way to being new friends. 🙂

From Roxi d’Lite, the queen of burlesque and Miss Exotic World 2010, to Adult film star Tera Patrick the guest list reads as a who’s who of the industry.

Although I took nearly 400 photos last night, I’m only going to tease you with a few for now. 😉

This first patch of images are from the Latex and Lace Fashion show, featuring names you may recognize such as Wendy Lee, Andrea, Alixandra, Kyla, Matt, Samantha and more.

I’ll be posting photos of the Assasin, Roxi and more later, so stay tuned. 🙂

Halifax Everything to do With Sex Show
January 24, 2013



So I’ll be attending the show this weekend as media and hope to attend several interesting fashion shows and explore some of the really cool seminars and shows that are planned for the weekend.

I’ll be updating this blog with photos from the show and watch for tweets (@McCarthy_Photo) throughout the weekend for my followers and acquaintances who can’t make it to the show.

Check out the schedule and list of performers at halifax.everythingtodowithsex.com

Mandalorian Wars - Featuring Katelyn - NSFW
January 13, 2013

I took nearly two full weeks vacation from my day job over the holidays and I did a lot of shooting. 🙂

You have already seem several examples here over the last few days as I get the editing done and generally get caught up, including my shoot with Raina the Halifax Mermaid and the Big Shoot as well as a portfolio shoot with Kyla Jeffries.

However, there are two more shoots you haven’t seen yet. One, you’ll have to wait a little longer for and a super cool pin-up style shoot that has just been completed with Katelyn. You may remember Katelyn as the 80’s Punk Chick from my Boxed In series of images. She has an incredible energy that really comes through during a shoot and a personality that shines through in every image. Although it may not have been absolutely apparent from the Boxed In image, Katelyn is also a real geek. She loves Star Wars and even has her own Bobba Fett costume that she wore to the 2012 Hal-Con last fall – where we first met face to face.

When I contacted Katelyn to see if she was interested in participating in a concept I had to try to interpret the style of one of my favorite pin-up artists Robert Alvarado using her Bobba Fett costume, I had hardly even finished the question when she enthusiastically agreed. 🙂

The shoot almost didn’t happen. As you may recall, there was a nasty snow / sleet storm on December 27th and I had two shoots booked in my downtown studio. We decided that for one model it was too much to ask for her to drive all the way into town with the roads as bad as they were and Katelyn and I chatted several times about postponing the shoot. In the end, she really wanted to shoot and when I called my scheduled assistant, Andrew Crawford, he had already planned to be downtown and had other meetings in the area so he would be there anyway and we decided to go ahead and shoot anyway.

I have to say I’m glad Katelyn twisted my arm into going ahead anyway. The shoot was a blast and the concept turned out better than I had hoped. We got some really cool final images and I’m happy to share a few of them here with you.

Hope you like them as much as we do!


Introducing - Kyla Jeffries
January 12, 2013

Although it was defunct for a little while there is a group of photographers on Model Mayhem called “The List” Photographers. This select group of photographers volunteer with one new model every so often as time allows to help build a basic portfolio. A few weeks ago Kyla found me on this list and contacted me to ask for help needing some portfolio building photos to help get her started.

After losing a pretty prime and inexpensive studio space I’ve been using for the last year or so late last year, and although I’ve been actively searching, I haven’t been successful securing a new studio space quite yet. So when Kyla first contacted me I was a little hesitant as I really didn’t have a spot to shoot with her. That said, I’ve been trying to be a little more creative since I really don’t presently have space in my home to set up a temporary studio and trying to shoot outdoors and more on location. I do have rental space at Aperture Studios in downtown Halifax, but it is a little on the expensive side for a TF shoot. TF is the industry term for ‘Trade For’ whether it’s prints CDs or just services, it’s a way for creatives to work together at little or no cost for those involved.

Along came the Big Shoot. This is a large group photo shoot organized by various volunteers through a group on Facebook.

I haven’t done much outdoor work lately and really haven’t done much as far as fashion work goes, since I typically don’t enjoy it much. Well, I contacted Kyla and suggested this might be a great chance for both of us to get out and stretch those creative muscles a bit.

It was a very cold early Sunday morning when we met at a Tim Hortons in Dartmouth and hit the road for the Big Shoot location.

As the morning progressed, it turned out that my lack of interest in fashion really started to show through and I ended up shooting more of a glamour/beauty portrait session with Kyla. Not hard to see why, however, as Kyla has very striking red hair and beautiful features. A puffy white winter coat pales in comparison. 🙂

We both had a great time shooting and Kyla laughed a log, especially when I was rolling around in the snow trying to get “just the right angle” for her.

As part of The List group, I have submitted three photos of Kyla from this shoot for the New Model Of The Week competition on Model Mayhem. Voting by the judges starts on Tuesday and I’ll update this post to let everyone know how we did. I’ll be really disappointed if we don’t do very well.

Enjoy the gallery!

The Big Shoot - Winter 2013 Edition
January 10, 2013

Sometime last summer, a group of models and photographers decided to meet up at a hobby horse farm in Upper Stewiacke and spend an afternoon shooting together.

This “Big Shoot” concept caught on and there has been a Big Shoot just about every month since. Unfortunately, due to my travel and shooting schedule, I don’t always have the opportunity to join in on the fun, but this past weekend I was able to join in on the “reunion” shoot back at the place it all starter months ago – a small hobby farm in Upper Stewiacke.

Those who know me know I grew up on a farm near Yarmouth, NS and spent *way* too many 5 AM mornings shovelling out the horses’ stalls so I have to admit, there’s no real appeal for me where horses are concerned today. 😉

That said, I happened to know about a little place not far from the farm that I’ve been to before and have been really wanting an excuse to shoot there. I wasn’t expecting to be there in the dead of winter with a heavy covering of snow and -12 Deg C for the models to have to deal with but as my kids like to remind me so often, You Only Live Once! Good enough for me.

So, I decided to kidnap several models and run away from the group and shoot off on our own.

From the Big Shoot - Winter 2013 Edition

Kyla – Big Shoot – Winter 2013 Edition

First up was brand new model – Kyla Jeffries. She contacted me several weeks ago to arrange a shoot and I though this Big Shoot format might be a great starting point as she would get to shoot with several other photographers and get a lot more experience than hanging out in the studio with me for an hour. Kyla was wonderful to shoot with and we had a great time. Kyla also found out that I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get the shot and some of the shots we ended up with have her laughing so hard at me because she had no idea I would dive into a snow bank to “get just the right angle for the shot” and ended up completely covered in snow past my waist.

From the Big Shoot - Winter 2013 Edition

Lexi – Big Shoot – Winter 2013 Edition

Second up was Lexi Hirtle. Lexi will be appearing in an upcoming Boxed In set so look forward to that set in the coming weeks. Lexi has a great connection with the camera and we got some great shots in a very short time. While shooting with Lexi it started to snow so we wrapped her in a scarf and got some medium head and shoulders shots with the snow flakes in the foreground which turned into some of my favourite portraits to date.

From the Big Shoot - Winter 2013 Edition

Liz – Big Shoot – Winter 2013 Edition

Next I shot with Liz Lau. Liz and I have been trying to find an excuse to shoot together for nearly a year now and we finally got a chance to spend a half an hour together in the snow. I wanted to shoot some winter catalog style fashion and Liz had some great high contrast fashion images and we put the ideas together to get some great shots as well. Liz’ brilliant red dress was such a contrast against the snow the final images turned out just as brilliant.

From the Big Shoot - Winter 2013 Edition

Jessica – Big Shoot – Winter 2013 Edition

When we returned to the farm, I was introduced to Jessica Shields. There was something about her eyes that stood out for me and she was wearing a gorgeous knit sweater and scarf, so we decided to grab a couple of shots before everyone quit for the day just as the sun started to set onto the tops of the trees which gave us some of the most beautiful golden light of the day, which was overcast and flat for the majority of the afternoon.

Every one of the ladies I shot with were great talents and each resulted in some special images. I think the photos here will only be the first of many shoots with these lovely ladies.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

Raina, The Halifax Mermaid
January 4, 2013

I don’t know about you, but I have – on occasion – found myself wondering where mermaids hang out this time of year. Here in Nova Scotia, the water tends to be more than unbearably cold so I can only imagine that they turn into snowbirds and swim south like so many other Canadians.

Well, much to my surprise, Raina does stay here over the long and cold Maritime winter with her Mer-tender/boyfriend helping her keep warm. Apparently they don’t get to be together in Raina’s photos very often and so they decided to do a shoot with a fairly specific theme in mind so they could finally have a portrait of them together.

I think mermaids tend to miss the ocean though and suspect that’s why she looks so melancholy for the rest of the images.

It was a fun and challenging set to shoot and I’d like to make a specific shout-out to Andrew Crawford for assisting and even though we didn’t have to actually do it, he was fully prepared to stand in 5 feet of water to hold the light in exactly the right spot. 😉

Hope you like the results.

A Very Candace Christmas
January 4, 2013

The Christmas season started on a high note when our old friend Candace decided to commission a personal pick-me-up for the holidays and as always, I was happy to oblige as she is always so much fun to shoot with.

I don’t tend to post or share any of the boudoir style photography that is available through McCarthy Photographic, but since the style has become so mainstream and popular these days, I thought I’d go ahead and share a little here, with Candace’s permission, of course.

Boudoir photography tends to be a little “sexier” than the model and glamour work that I do, while at the same time remaining utterly respectful of the subject of the image, ensuring the ladies are treated with the absolute respect and always looking their absolute best.

We will never post your boudoir images without your permission (another reason you won’t typically see them here) so there’s no fear the photos will show up some place you weren’t expecting.

If you would like to arrange a private consultation for your own sexy gift to yourself or your “better half” please do not hesitate to call or just send a message using the contact page. We can arrange a discrete consultation in your home or a public meeting space. During our consultation, I can share samples of my current work one on one and chat about ideas and concepts.

Welcome to 2013!
January 4, 2013

It’s been a busy holiday season and as you may have noticed a big part of that was the face lift for the website.

There were many long nights and early mornings, hours spent reading HTML specs and updating WordPress software and plug-ins, but I think we’re done. Now I just have to resolve to post more and help keep you up to date on what’s going on around here.

On top of updating the site, I was also busy travelling and shooting besides spending some quality time with the family and boxing day shopping. 😉

So, for my first post of 2013, I’d just like to wish you the warmest welcome to 2013 and invite you to please feel free to let me know what you think of the new look. Especially if something isn’t working for you or if you can’t find something you though should be here. It’s also quite OK to just tell me you think it’s great! LOL!

One last thing… I’ve also joined – kicking and screaming – Twitter. So make sure you follow me… @McCarthy_Photo and I’ll follow you right back. 🙂

So I resolve to update things here more often and I look forward to hearing from you!

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