May 2013

Maritime Women's Football League - Halifax vs Fredericton
May 26, 2013

My daughter Courtney started playing with the Halifax Explosion team this spring and although she wanted to play high school football there were no teams in our area she could join so she joined rugby instead and waited…

She played in her first game yesterday afternoon and I have to say as rough as the women’s rugby was to watch last year, the women’s football appears even rougher. These ladies mean business. 🙂

Although the Explosion lost 25-0 against the Fredericton Gladiators, the monsoon held off and a good time was had by all.

Here are a few sample photos. I’m a bit rusty with football and just heading out the door to shoot the season opener of the weekly series stock car racing at Scotia Speedworld for the day, I expect to have a full gallery posted by sometime this evening.

Looking forward to watching the next Explosion game. 🙂

Here is a link to the full gallery: Maritime Women’s Football – Halifax vs Fredericton

MPST Season Opener - Lucas Oil 150 @ Scotia Speedworld
May 20, 2013

Well the Maritime Pro Stock Tour has opened at Scotia thie weekend and what a day of racing it was.

It was a hard fight through most of the race and at least three times the leaders appeared to take each other out of contention.

With Shawn Turple’s #0 leading the most laps through the race, John Flemming’s #97 fought hard and lead the most important lap to bring home the win for the first race of the season!

Here is a video slideshow of a selection of my favorite pics so far.

Take a look at the full event galleries at the regular index page found here.

New this year in the galleries is the ability to search for images based on keywords. These keywords can be the car number, Driver name or sponsor, driver’s home town or just “Pits” or “Crew” and I can’t imagine anyone would want to search for “Wreck” or “Crash”… 😉

Just click on the magnifying glass icon at the top of the gallery and type in your search keyword and you will see a list of photos that match from the current gallery.

Click the link for the Photo Slideshow to view it in a new window.

See you at the track! 🙂


Racing Action is Back for 2013 at Scotia Speedworld!
May 12, 2013

OK… Maybe it was just the annual Test & Tune track day for the racers to get back on the oval and see what the new stuff they’ve been up to over the winter is going to do for them this coming season, but hey, the smell or racing fuel and burnt clutches and rubber on asphalt is exactly the same, right?

The galleries have a new home located directly under the “Gallery” menu in the lower right corner of your browser. Select “Scotia Speedworld Galleries” and you’ll find all the galleries for this coming season will be here in chronological order.

A direct link to the new galleries can be found here: 

Maritime Pro Stock Racing
Scotia Speedworld Weekly Racing

It is my goal to have these available for you within 48 ours of every race.

Thanks one last time to my predecessor, Matt Jacques. I trust things are going well in BC, but we’re still kickin’ it old school here in the Maritimes, so Let’s go Racin’! 🙂

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