October 2013

Hal-Con Is Coming!!!
October 20, 2013

Hal-Con 2013 is just a few weeks away and Mark Ramsay and I have teamed up once again to bring all Con attendees and cosplayers the latest in cutting edge green screen technology available today to transport you to an alternate universe or for that matter anywhere in space and time. 🙂

Mark and I will be set up in the Cave Of Wonders at Hal-Con and will be hard to miss with our giant green screen background and full studio lighting set. We have nearly 200 background images to choose from including Star Trek, Star Trek TNG, Star Wars, Dr. Who and many, many more. Our booth will be open for the full show hours all three days.

We have streamlined our processes and upgraded our printers for this year to provide better prints and faster service. We have also partnered with Square.com to allow fast secure credit card processing on-site so you don’t need to worry about carrying cash, although good old cash will still be accepted. Only Canadian bills or gold pressed latinum bars though. Most intergalactic currency isn’t accepted by our bank, so you’ll have to exchange it when you arrive. 😉

We will once again be offering on-site printing while-you-wait in 5×7″, 8.5×11″ and up to 13×19″ full colour archival prints and/or digital files for your own personal use.

Pricing will be very affordable with 5×7″ glossy prints priced for only $12 and 8.5×11″ glossy prints for only $25. Digital files are also available for your own personal printing use with a 1680 pixel file priced for only $20 and a 2640 pixel digital file priced for only $30. Digital files are not watermarked and you can print as many as you choose at your favorite print lab or at home. Facebook sized (800 pixel) watermarked images are available for $5 with the purchase of any size print.

If you have any background requests, please contact us here using the Contact Us form or through the Hal-Con Facebook group thread.

Here are just a few samples of the backgrounds we have available to choose from…

See you downtown Halifax November 8-10th!

Mike & Mark

Big Picture - Premieres Wednesday (October 23rd) at 8:30 on Eastlink TV!
October 19, 2013

I’m terrified…

This project has been in the works for over 2 years now. We’ve faced numerous setbacks and delays along the road.

Once we had finally lined up all the on-screen “talent”, and I use quotes around talent because I just can’t get used to being referred to as the “talent”, our host got a real acting job and moved to BC. She’s since appeared in several tv Movies, at least one big screen movie working with the likes of Robert Redford and Shia LaBeouf! Several tv commercials. We miss you Jen, but wish you all the best in your continued success. You can check out her IMDB page right here.

If Jennifer hadn’t moved on, we would never have found the lovely Ashley Campbell who now joins co-host and full time pro David Grandy and myself to anchor our little TV experiment. Ashley is a ball of energy and I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching her wrangle the cats that are Dave and I during some of our debates. 🙂

After a lengthy delay during the Eastling update to HD production the pieces finally started falling together a few months ago and we got a brand new set built just for us and we got to spend some time in the studio rehearsing and taping segments. We have 6 episodes taped and the first one airs this coming Wednesday evening on Eastlink Channel 10 or for HD Channel 610 at 8:30pm AST.

We had a lot of fun making these first episodes and although I’m sure you can tell we were all a little stiff and more than a bit nervous for the first one or two, I hope you can stick with us and enjoy them all. Hopefully we are invited back to continue taping new episodes for a long time to come. We did have a blast taping them and I forgot how much I enjoyed talking about my hobby turned second full time job.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much I enjoyed making it!

Here’s a link to our introductory promo… The Big Picture on Eastlink TV

Outdoor Nude Workshop - Update (NSFW)
October 18, 2013

We had a great time last weekend at our top secret location near Windsor. The weather was awesome and the colored leaves provided some great backgrounds.

Our intrepid participant photographers came from as far away as Moncton to join myself and our special guest model – Krystal Lovve. A special thanks to Megan Thompson for assisting Krystal for the afternoon and Bryana Doyscher for the awesome MU.

We spent nearly 6 hours wandering through the woods with waterfalls, streams, trees and much more. Shout out to “Aqua Man”! we all hope everything works out after he and his 7D went for a swim on the river and quit part way through the workshop.

Everyone had a great time and it looks like the participants got some great shots and learned a few new tricks.

Henry’s Photo helped out by offering a great deal on a 40″ 7-in-1 reflector for workshop participants too!

Here are a few of my BTS and sample setups from the workshop. Watch for round 2 in the spring when things start to warm up enough to get back outside. Thanks again to everyone who came along with Krystal and I for the day.

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