June 2014

2015 MPST Calendar - Free Desktop Wallpaper Sample
June 7, 2014

We are presently hard at work on creating and shooting something new that we’ve started getting some pretty incredible feedback from…

We are creating a calendar that combines two of my favorite things. Bikini Models and Race Cars. Whuda thunk it? 😉

Even though we’ve only shot a few of the models and cars so far, we’ve gathered a huge following at the tracks – sorry! didn’t mean to shut down the tech shed at Scotia for 20 minutes!!! 😉 – and I’ve been asked a *lot* to share some of the pictures.

Although I don’t want to give away a lot, I’ve decided to share a quarterly image big enough to be used for a computer wallpaper with a calendar to make it actually useful as a wallpaper. Everyone needs a calendar close by, right?

So in this, the first installment of the calendar preview, and indeed, the *very* first higher resolution image giveaway from McCarthy Photo. Hopefully the first of many.

This images is free to anyone who wants to download it and all we ask is that you do not edit the image or remove the graphics and logos. It is meant for personal use only. Anyone wanting to license for commercial use of any kind or would like a print of the image, please contact us right here.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end and click here to download the high resolution 1280×800 pixel image. Once you’ve saved the picture, simply right click and choose “Set as Desktop Wallpaper” in virtually any Windows environment. Can’t say how to do it on a Mac.

Enjoy and we’ll see you on the circuit over the summer. 🙂

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