A Very Candace Christmas

The Christmas season started on a high note when our old friend Candace decided to commission a personal pick-me-up for the holidays and as always, I was happy to oblige as she is always so much fun to shoot with.

I don’t tend to post or share any of the boudoir style photography that is available through McCarthy Photographic, but since the style has become so mainstream and popular these days, I thought I’d go ahead and share a little here, with Candace’s permission, of course.

Boudoir photography tends to be a little “sexier” than the model and glamour work that I do, while at the same time remaining utterly respectful of the subject of the image, ensuring the ladies are treated with the absolute respect and always looking their absolute best.

We will never post your boudoir images without your permission (another reason you won’t typically see them here) so there’s no fear the photos will show up some place you weren’t expecting.

If you would like to arrange a private consultation for your own sexy gift to yourself or your “better half” please do not hesitate to call or just send a message using the contact page. We can arrange a discrete consultation in your home or a public meeting space. During our consultation, I can share samples of my current work one on one and chat about ideas and concepts.