A little project I’ve been working on with Curtis for a little while now was a concept to replace the current giant Nova Scotia license plate you see along the side of the 102 Highway just at Exit 8 in front of Curtis’ shop.

Everyone seems to love the billboard, but Curtis has decided to update the sign with a fresh image of one of his favourite car builds to have passed through the shop since he opened nearly 4 years ago. The 1953 Chev. 🙂

Curtis originally customized this classic a few years ago and you may recall there was a photo shoot and gallery done at the time featuring another of my favourite models, Wendy. Again, this gallery could be considered NSFW, so don’t go there if your boss is watching. 😉

This time around, the 53 Chev has been reworked a little more after being involved in an accident in Halifax last fall that destroyed the front end. This time, Curtis has added a custom sun shade on the outside of the window and a new front skirt under the original grille that managed to be completely salvaged and restored.

Curtis’ concept for the billboard shoot was to feature the car in all it’s glory and to add a model in a Marilyn Munroe style dress in the classic wind in the skirt look as seen in the movie. Ashley Campbell was our model for the shoot and with an assistant expertly aiming our hidden fan, the look turned out exactly as envisioned.