Everything to do with Sex – Day 2

Everything to do with Sex – Day 2

I spent a little more time wandering around the show floor and took in a few more of the stage shows on Saturday, including the evening finale runway fashion show, Mimi Cherry’s burlesque show and even the Assassin, who for some reason seemed quite popular with the ladies in attendance. 😉

I managed to learn a lot during the Friday evening performance and found a few better places to be to secure a better photography vantage point during the shows.

What I didn’t count on during one of the performances was that David MacNeil, the male performer from North Sydney, would be love the camera so much and my wife laughed her butt off at me every time he came to my side of the stage  and wanted to perform just for me. :O

We sat through a couple of seminars by Dr. Jess and Cherie told me she learned more about anatomy in these sessions than in her CCA course.

If you haven’t gotten out to the show yet, you really need to drop by for a few hours. It’s entertaining and who knows, you might just learn something too!