Irving Blending & Packaging 100 – Speedway 660

Irving Blending & Packaging 100 – Speedway 660

Well, it turned out to be a record breaking weekend on a number of fronts in Geary, NB…

Not only was it one of the hottest July weekends in recent memory, and apparently they breed some of the biggest darn mosquitoes I’ve ever seen in my life, but we had some of the most unusual track activities I’ve ever seen as well!

Including humidity, at least according to The Weather Network, the temperature topped at 48 degrees and I’m pretty sure it was even hotter in the infield.

There were more wrecks that I’ve ever seen at a Pro Stock race making for some incredible racing action until a breaker failed and the lights on the infield shut off at around lap 50 leading to an immediate red flag condition lasting nearly 30 minutes. A second red flag occurred after a terrible crash involving nearly 25% of the remaining field.

By the time things finally wrapped up, it was nearly midnight but the crowd never got tired and stayed right to the end to see John Flemming (#97) win his third race this year bringing him to second place for MPST all time wins with 20 wins under his belt.

The main gallery is here. Hope you enjoy the photos!