Recent Creations…

Recent Creations…

These are the latest photomanipulations from a recent shoot featuring Katelyn Cherwonick and make-up by Rebecca Mercer. The shoot was assisted by my friend Charles Plant and my son Eric.

The first image was shot in front of a crudely constructed – sorry Charlie… 😉 – 2×4 frame which was covered in black paper and placed in fron t of a traditional white paper background. the white was side lit by two strobes to help create the light wrap around the model. The wall texture and some basic retouching was added later in Photoshop.

The other two images were shot in the same studio with a simple paper background. The rain was added from a stock texture provided on DeviantArt by spoofdecature.

The last image was created as a montage of 7 separate photos each featuring a different hand position by Katelyn’s friend Alex, who was positioned behind the background. Once all the parts were stitched and blended, the background texture was built and the hair was painted by hand in Photoshop. Some final retouching and voila!

The first two images each received about 1-1/2 hours worth of editing and retouching, while the last image took a total of about 8 hours over two days.

I hope you enjoy the results.