Wow… 2013 blazed by so quickly. Hard to believe it’s only 4 weeks until Christmas.

What a year it’s been.

First of all I sincerely want to thank everyone on the Parts for Trucks Maritime Pro Stock Tour for making me feel absolutely welcome at every single event and track this year. Many of the tracks I had never had the opportunity to attend previously and all I can say is the staff at ever single track was nothing short of awesome.

I’ve been filling in for the previous photographer, Matt Jacques, here and there for about 2 years before Matt decided to take a job in BC and vacate the spot, so I’ve met a few of the drivers and some crew previously but had only been to Scotia Speedworld a handful of times and Antigonish once.

I made a lot of new friends this year. In the early days of the season, I tended to keep to myself and shoot in the background. As the season progressed. With the welcome I received across the board, I found myself sitting in the haulers with some of the teams and chatting with the tour staff in the tech shed more and more often. Today, I proudly count some of the drivers, crew and tour staff as my friends and many many more as acquaintances and Facebook friends too. It’s been simply amazing and I can’t wait for the season to open again next spring.

The annual banquet is this weekend in Moncton and I look very much forward to seeing everyone one last time before we all dig in for the long cold winter.

As I have been preparing for the banquet and creating annual CDs for many of the teams, it occurred to me that I’ve also been responsible for helping document many of the important memories of the season and I’ve been privy to unprecedented access to the teams and drivers. I want you all to know that I appreciate that access and will never take undue advantage of that gift.

I’ve been reminiscing a little as I go through the 50,000+ library of images I captured this past season and felt I had to share some of my personal favorites in a small gallery here. I hope you enjoy them and that they bring fond memories to you as well over the winter.

From high points of first time wins and tears of joy to the lows of losing Mike Stevens and tears of sorry, I appreciate more than you know that I was a part of something this year.

Here’s looking forward to 2014 and more new friend and memories. See you then…