You’ve no doubt seen some of the previous posts about my recent “Intro to Glamour and Beauty” workshop a few weeks ago. It was so much fun hosting this event and meeting so many new models and photographers.

One such model was Lia Carranza. Lia’s been in Halifax here for a few years now for school after moving from Ontario and recently decided that she’s like to get her feet wet in the industry after a few years away and we’re all glad she has.

Lia is a 22 year old exotic beauty with Spanish roots who is incredibly comfortable in front of the camera. She is hoping to explore the glamour industry and get a little more exposure, pardon the pun. 😉

After chatting with Lia during the workshop, we booked a portfolio session with styling ideas she had in mind and with the assistance of my favorite make-up artist, Bryana Doyscher, hit the studio. We all chatted in more detail about important topics such as model releases, preparing for a shoot, escorts and model safety. After our chat, we hit the set running and although I set a new personal record for how few actual frames I took during our 90 minute shoot at only 62 frames, we came away from the shoot with a record number of potential keepers too at an incredible 16 or 25%!

I expect some great things from Lia and am happy to have been a small part of helping kick start her new modeling career here in Halifax. She is in the process of setting up a dedicated model page and I’ll update this to include a link once that’s done.

Here are a few samples. Enjoy!