Raina, The Halifax Mermaid

Raina, The Halifax Mermaid

I don’t know about you, but I have – on occasion – found myself wondering where mermaids hang out this time of year. Here in Nova Scotia, the water tends to be more than unbearably cold so I can only imagine that they turn into snowbirds and swim south like so many other Canadians.

Well, much to my surprise, Raina does stay here over the long and cold Maritime winter with her Mer-tender/boyfriend helping her keep warm. Apparently they don’t get to be together in Raina’s photos very often and so they decided to do a shoot with a fairly specific theme in mind so they could finally have a portrait of them together.

I think mermaids tend to miss the ocean though and suspect that’s why she looks so melancholy for the rest of the images.

It was a fun and challenging set to shoot and I’d like to make a specific shout-out to Andrew Crawford for assisting and even though we didn’t have to actually do it, he was fully prepared to stand in 5 feet of water to hold the light in exactly the right spot. 😉

Hope you like the results.

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  1. You have taken my two most favorite pictures I have ever seen of Raina. GREAT shots! I am a mermaid myself.

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