The Big Shoot – Winter 2013 Edition

The Big Shoot – Winter 2013 Edition

Sometime last summer, a group of models and photographers decided to meet up at a hobby horse farm in Upper Stewiacke and spend an afternoon shooting together.

This “Big Shoot” concept caught on and there has been a Big Shoot just about every month since. Unfortunately, due to my travel and shooting schedule, I don’t always have the opportunity to join in on the fun, but this past weekend I was able to join in on the “reunion” shoot back at the place it all starter months ago – a small hobby farm in Upper Stewiacke.

Those who know me know I grew up on a farm near Yarmouth, NS and spent *way* too many 5 AM mornings shovelling out the horses’ stalls so I have to admit, there’s no real appeal for me where horses are concerned today. ūüėČ

That said, I happened to know about a little place not far from the farm that I’ve been to before and have been really wanting an excuse to shoot there. I wasn’t expecting to be there in the dead of winter with a heavy covering of snow and -12 Deg C for the models to have to deal with but as my kids like to remind me so often, You Only Live Once! Good enough for me.

So, I decided to kidnap several models and run away from the group and shoot off on our own.

From the Big Shoot - Winter 2013 Edition
Kyla – Big Shoot – Winter 2013 Edition

First up was brand new model – Kyla Jeffries. She contacted me several weeks ago to arrange a shoot and I though this Big Shoot format might be a great starting point as she would get to shoot with several other photographers and get a lot more experience than hanging out in the studio with me for an hour. Kyla was wonderful to shoot with and we had a great time. Kyla also found out that I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get the shot and some of the shots we ended up with have her laughing so hard at me because she had no idea I would dive into a snow bank to “get just the right angle for the shot” and ended up completely covered in snow past my waist.

From the Big Shoot - Winter 2013 Edition
Lexi – Big Shoot – Winter 2013 Edition

Second up was Lexi Hirtle. Lexi will be appearing in an upcoming Boxed In set so look forward to that set in the coming weeks. Lexi has a great connection with the camera and we got some great shots in a very short time. While shooting with Lexi it started to snow so we wrapped her in a scarf and got some medium head and shoulders shots with the snow flakes in the foreground which turned into some of my favourite portraits to date.

From the Big Shoot - Winter 2013 Edition
Liz – Big Shoot – Winter 2013 Edition

Next I shot with Liz Lau. Liz and I have been trying to find an excuse to shoot together for nearly a year now and we finally got a chance to spend a half an hour together in the snow. I wanted to shoot some winter catalog style fashion and Liz had some great high contrast fashion images and we put the ideas together to get some great shots as well. Liz’ brilliant red dress was such a contrast against the snow the final images turned out just as brilliant.

From the Big Shoot - Winter 2013 Edition
Jessica – Big Shoot – Winter 2013 Edition

When we returned to the farm, I was introduced to Jessica Shields. There was something about her eyes that stood out for me and she was wearing a gorgeous knit sweater and scarf, so we decided to grab a couple of shots before everyone quit for the day just as the sun started to set onto the tops of the trees which gave us some of the most beautiful golden light of the day, which was overcast and flat for the majority of the afternoon.

Every one of the ladies I shot with were great talents and each resulted in some special images. I think the photos here will only be the first of many shoots with these lovely ladies.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

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